BPS INTERIOR Brings to you the best sofa cleaning services at your doorstep for professional fabric sofa cleaning, leather sofa cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

Our well trained verified sofa dry cleaners thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your sofa, using professional equipment and eco-friendly chemicals. BPS INTERIOR sofa cleaners always provide on time, hassle-free and customer friendly services.

A sofa is one of the most important elements of your home decor. That is why you spent a lot of time and effort to select the perfect sofa set, to enhance the beauty of your living room.

BPS INTERIOR believes in helping you continue keeping that grand luxurious impression with our promising and effective sofa cleaning services ensuring spotless and stainless sofa.

Our customers are very happy with our service and appreciate it when they see the clean and odor free look of their Sofa set, Our customers are very happy with our service and appreciate it when they see the clean and odor-free look of their Sofa set, Couches, Recliners, and Sofa cum Beds., Recliners and Sofa cum Beds.

Our complete sofa cleaning process includes the following:-

Sofa Vacuuming
Sofa Scrubbing
Sofa Drying
Sofa Conditioning
Sofa Polishing

Our Sofa Cleaners


Professional sofa cleaners pick the couch cleansing products cautiously to preserve the supple feel of your couch set. They are very meticulous and take the most care while cleaning your sofa and work towards the best results.

All our Sofa cleaner is thoroughly background checked and decided on after strict scrutiny. Our sofa dry cleanser always test the couch type very well and ensure supplying the excellent sofa take care of your sort of sofa.

Fabric Sofa CleaningFabric sofas generally get choice while you are looking for a more cushty couch, as leather tends to take in heat faster than fabric. Moreover, the wide sort of designs and hues in fabric also entice people.

However, material sofas also demand high preservation which makes it important to get professional fabric sofa dry cleaning accomplished once in a while.

There are ways to clean the fabric sofa at home. But if you need to offer the right care to fabric sofas and make certain a higher lifespan of your sofa set, you need to move for our professional fabric sofa dry cleaning services.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

You choose leather sofas to present a grand, highly-priced sense to your dwelling room, properly aware that leather-based sofas have a very good lifespan and are fee in your money.

Leather sofas are also easy to maintain. So you can always go for Do it yourself leather sofa set cleaning options.

However, as your knowledge on leather sofa cleaning is limited and you may no longer have all professional equipment, your end result will not be as precise as that finished by professional leather sofa cleaners.

Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Process

• Vacuuming the sofa thoroughly with professional equipment.

• Gently scrubbing with eco-friendly leather-based sofa cleaning solutions.

• Sofa drying with a dry cloth.

•Sofa conditioning to defend the leather and growing its lifespan.

• Buffing and leather polishing is also done as per the request.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery is something that enhances the look and feel of your furniture. Thus, it’s far vital to maintaining it clean so as to preserve that stylish look of your furnishings and overall home decor.

Our expert upholstery cleansing offerings include cleansing of all styles of furniture upholstery fixed to the sofa, eating chairs, couches, bed headboard, armchairs or more.

However, we are listing a few commonplace steps for upholstery cleaning technique for your knowledge. Our team professionals will properly explain to you about the same in advance before the upholstery cleaning service is done.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Process

• Dry Vacuuming of the upholstery.

• Shampooing using 5-star cleaning agents.

Why Professional Sofa Dry Cleaning is required?

Cleaning is always the best way to maintain a hygienic and healthy home. Surely you do regular cleaning of your entire home. But, you may not always be satisfied with the results. So what is lacking?

The solution is to help and advice of nicely-trained, knowledgeable expert sofa dry cleaners.

Why should I call professionals for sofa cleaning?

• Professional sofa dry cleaners will have a detail-oriented and well-organised sofa cleaning approach.

• Professional sofa dry cleaners may have a detail-oriented and well-organized sofa cleansing approach.

• They can have the fine gadget and chemical substances required for expert couch dry cleaning.

• Professional couch purifier will examine the product and make decisions primarily based on the excellent effects possible.

• They will advise you with exceptional observe-up care instructions.

• Render the professionally wiped clean furniture sparkling and odourless.